Catering at Music Festivals

There are thousands of music festivals held worldwide, and you can guarantee that alongside the merchandise stalls will be pop-up bars and caterers. The festivals can run for hours or even days, and the enthusiastic fans need to eat and drink at some point. Of course, the caterers or bar staff will be working long hours, and it can be tiring and uncomfortable, especially for summer festivals when the weather is hot.

Staying Cool When Working at a Festival

You can be sure that the music fans will still want hot food such as burgers and fries even when it is warm and sunny. Being behind the grill on the food stall means working in high temperatures, and it is vital to stay cool. Caterers should consider wearing comfortable bike shorts to allow the air to circulate freely. The Aim’n website has a vast variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Enjoying the Music

One of the benefits of working at a festival is that you get to listen to the music while serving customers. There is nothing to stop you from having a dance as you work, and wearing bike shorts will give you the comfort to move freely. There are several options on the Aim’n website that are seamless and won’t rub against your skin as you are dancing. Of course, there is always the chance that you don’t like the kind of music on offer!

Fitting in with the Crowd

You will notice that specific types of festivals attract a similar crowd of spectators. It would be fun to wear similar clothing when you are serving the food. For example, most rock music fans like to wear denim, so you will be pleased to find that Aim’n sell denim bike shorts. Leopard print or snakeskin patterns also work well in the rock music genre. White bike shorts may not be a good idea, though, if there is a risk of being splashed with any kind of sauce!

Catering at music festivals can ring in a lot of money and can be good fun too!




24 February 2022